Life of Odden
As told by a guy named Darren

This is a pretty basic site that Darren launched to remember things he learns and gathers. Here you will find things related to programming, design, marketing, food, and, likely, more.

Darren is a software engineer with roots in design. Darren has a problem. He will find something that interests him and he will learn it. This is good for an engineer or designer.


This is bad for a person that is looking to advance and focus and become great at that thing he does. Now Darren knows how to design a typeface. He has learned about building strategy and running marketing campaigns.

Darren worked for Fortune 500 Computer Companies. Darren fixed broken hardware with software. He fixed broken software with software. Darren managed software programs. He worked with many departments to release software for hardware. He learned to manage multiple software releases and built relationships with companies who sell Operating Systems. Darren managed and built software for use that people used around the world. He learned how to search the dark corners of the internet to find phisher's, thieves, and liars.

art gallery

Darren was born of a father who has a double major in art and music and mother who majored in music. Darren loves illustration and will go back to basics when he needs a break. To stretch his creative needs, he is a photographer and learned to produce video for series and produced video and audio for a radio show. Darren's love of architecture and design has been inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and Bauhaus.

If this wasn't enough, Darren's mind also gravitates to the user experience. Learning what will work best for the person that will use a given product. Keep it simple isn't just something to say, it is likely a byline for his life. What is ironic is that there is nothing about his life that is simple. To get to where he is today was a long twisted path, but the journey is where he enjoys his experiences.

Darren is a simple complex charismatic codefauna.